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Add vibrant colors and ideas to your life in an easy & affordable way.

What is WOOKALA?

WOOKALA provides monthly subscription plan to receive an exquisite piece of artwork at your doorstep which will brighten up your walls and lift your mood. 

An artwork each month will ensure that the aesthetics of your place are always kept in check with minimum efforts and also without breaking your wallet. 

We aim to promote artworks of new budding artists from across the globe to launch their first step into the world of art. We will introduce you to some magnificent wonders of tomorrow’s world of art.  

So, whether you are an art connoisseur or a complete layman, we promise to keep you on your toes with each painting that drops in your mailbox. 

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Wookala is part of the 'Early Makers Project'

Wookala has been researched and developed thanks to the early makers’ factory at emlyon business school. Emlyon business school has always focused on its distinguishing features of entrepreneurship and encouraged their students to broaden their perspective through experiential learning and prioritizes project mode over the theoretical acquisition of knowledge. The early makers’ factory is here to support Wookala as we develop and structure our project.

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